A mix of rental accommodations is available at the camp. Families from partner churches

may also purchase their own cabin or lease an annual trailer spot at the camp.  


To inquire about availability or to book accommodations contact Nicole Fortin at 780.924.3533

or email

When planning your time at camp, please be aware that while the camp water is potable,

most people prefer to drink and cook with bottled or city water. 18.9L bottles of water are

available for purchase from the camp office for $5.50 (plus $10 refundable deposit per bottle).

Tent & RV Sites - $21 - $33/night

The camp has a mix of fully and partially serviced sites for RVs

and tents. Water delivery and sewer pickup is available for a

nominal fee to partially and unserviced sites. 

Currently only partially serviced sites are available for this year's camp.  A waiting list is maintained for fully serviced sites as they become available. 

Cabin Rentals - $45 - $105/night

Cabins available for rent have some cooking facilities but do not have running water or washrooms. Washroom / shower buildings are onsite and there is no charge for use.

Dorm Rooms - $40/night

Dormitory style rooms are available in the Christian Center.  

Rooms sleep 4-6 people in double and twin bunk beds.  

Shared washrooms are located in the hallways.



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